Sex & Mayhem (New Conservatory Theatre 2004)

by Donald Currie

directed by John Dixon

guitar by me.

A one-man show starring Donald Currie ( yet somehow I was on stage next to him the whole time…. ) about his life in the ’60s in San Francisco.

Sex & Mayhem Opening
A Tawdry Tale
An Autumn Morning
First Day Of College
Orgy In The Window
Whacking Off/ Sex Palace
Movement Class
Greek Tragedy
The Golden Pheasant
The Castro Theater
The Fox Theater
Go To Your Room!
Grandmother’s Glove
Donald Prepares For Sex
Days Did Dwindle
A Breathtaking Instant
My Portion Of Happiness
On An Oregon Beach
The Bridge Cocooned In Fog
The Golden Gate Bridge
Joseph On Drugs
A Little Cabin
Father Hits
Father Cries
Artist And Slob
First Trip Trope
Trippy-Dippy Hippies
Swooned Away
Commune Parties
Rip A Gash
New Best Buddy
Diva’s Seraglio
Valley Boy
Mickey At The Keys
Sashaying Into The Stud
Girlfriends Forever And A Day
Hippie Wedding
Sex & Mayhem Finale
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