Mr. Schpill and Mr. Tippeton (Marin Theatre Company 2000)

by Gilles Segal

directed by Lee Sankowich

Two clowns try to survive a future controlled by some mysterious racists.


Mr. Schpill & Mr. Tippeton Opening Mr. Schpill’s Ring The Story …

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Mere Mortals (Marin Theatre Company 1999)

by David Ives

directed by Albert Takazaukas

sax by Damien Masterson

harmonica by Damien Masterson

vocal by Randy Hurst

Six short hilarious plays with musical interludes between scenes.

Foreplay Mere Mortals …

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The Puppetmaster of Lodz (Marin Theatre Company 1999)

by Gilles Segal

directed by Lee Sankowich

clarinet by Ben Goldberg

harmonica by Damien Masterson

A Jewish puppeteer in hiding doesn’t believe World War II is over and survives by …

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Spring Storm (Marin Theatre Company 1999)

by Tennessee Williams

direct by Lee Sankowich

tenor sax by Damien Masterson

soprano sax by Peter MacDonough

flute by Mitch Marcus

clarinet by Mitch Marcus

violin by Randy Weiss

bass …

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The Turn of the Screw (Marin Theatre Company 1998)

by Jeffrey Hatcher from Henry James

directed by Lee Sankowich

violin by Randy Weiss

cello by a SF Conservatory of Music student, name lost forever

vocals by Jenny Lord and …

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The Sweetest Swing in Baseball (Magic Theatre 2005)

by Rebecca Gilman

directed by Amy Glazer

An artist attempts suicide after a bad review, ends up in a psychiatric ward, and becomes Darryl Strawberry in an attempt to avoid reality. …

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Sex & Mayhem (New Conservatory Theatre 2004)

by Donald Currie

directed by John Dixon

guitar by me.

A one-man show starring Donald Currie ( yet somehow I was on stage next to him the whole time…. ) …

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Titus Andronicus (Thrillpeddlers 2006)

by William Shakespeare

directed by Russell Blackwood

lyrics by William Shakespeare

trumpet by Victor Ballestreros and me

drums by me

vocals by Mary Knoll, Treacy Corrigan,  David Bicha, Norm Alex, …

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Girlesque (Exit Theatre 2002)

by Sean Owens

directed by Libby Cox

lyrics by Sean Owens

bass by Tom Edler

guitar by Ray Ramillosa

drums by Otto Huber

sax by Damien Masterson

harmonica by Damien Masterson

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Old Man McGinty (2001)

by The Cast

directed by The Cast

lyrics by Sean Owens

vocals by Bekka Fink, Sean Owens, David Bicha, Isaac Brantner, P. A. Cooley, and Nick Sholley

Sketch comedy.

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