Dusthaven Theme

Our 2010 Burning Man camp Remixopolis had a signature tower … that twisted and collapsed in the wind. In 2011 our camp was reborn as Dusthaven and the tower, re-engineered, …

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Miracle at the Gas ‘N’ Gulp (Stage Werx 2012)

by Sean Owens

directed by

vocals by Sean Owens, Steffanos X, Amanda Ortmayer, Leigh Crow, and Don

Cora is at it again in this Christmas story set in Rectal, Texas.

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Theatre Rhinoceros: The First Thirty Years (Theatre Rhinoceros 2007)







by John Fisher

directed by John Fisher

A sampling of Theatre Rhino’s often-groundbreaking scenes and songs, with a new finale, “The Rhino.” Lyrics by …

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Shotgun Players
by Roberson Jeffers

Three singers, a reed organ, and bloody children. Bekka Fink, Paula Arciniega, and Shannon Day sing. Percussion and organ by me. Lyrics are taken …

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