Stale Magnolias (Oasis 2016)

by: Sean Owens

directed by: Sean Owens

lyrics by: Sean Owens

singers: Marilynn Fowler, Jef Valentine, Michael Phillis, Drew Todd, Jerry Navarro, and Robert Molossi

musicians: Mark Macario, drums; keyboards …

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Fun With Colors (1993)

by Compton’s New Media

directed by Perry Boyle/ Larry Van Cantfort

A Berenstein Bears educational video game score. Another era!

Fun With Colors Opening After-School Alpine Barn Baseball Beach Blank …

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Dusthaven: The Album (2012)

lyrics by Don Seaver and Heather Fell

melody by Don Seaver and Heather Fell

vocals by Heather Fell

Songs from our Burning Man camp, Dusthaven. The original tower did fall …

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How They Met (2014)

by Heather Fell

directed by Tim Kulikowski

The soundtrack to a romantic silent movie short about love.


How They Met Title Halloween Dance Thought Bubble Heather Halloween Dance Ending …

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Beyond the Team (Frameline 2012)

by Tim Kulikowski

directed by Tim Kulikowski

A short video about the SF Spikes soccer team.

Beyond the Team Opening Joining The Team Reflective Soccer II Spikes Hopeful Beyond the Team …

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Lessons Learned (Dogpatch Records 2010)

produced by Bonnie Hayes

lyrics by me

guitar by Tal Morris, Bonnie Hayes, Erik Schramm, and Alex Karweit

bass by Dewayne Pate and Alex Karweit

drums by Kevin Hayes

percussion …

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Night Session (48-Hour Film Festival 2009)

by Andrew Schlussel

directed by Andrew Schlussel

The soundtrack to a couples therapy session between a woman and her vampire husband.

Night Session Title A Positive Note Change Crosses! Rest Of …

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Esther Mikiko Suzuki (2007)

by Sarah Huber

directed by Sarah Huber

A short film about a Japanese American internment survivor.

Esther Mikiko Suzuki Title Esther Mikiko Suzuki Credits

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The Apple of My Ire (48 Hour Film Festival 2007)

by Karlana Pastraggi, Ian Walker, Jeff Bus, and Danielle Thys

directed by Jeff Bush

A short film that shows us that Snow White’s life didn’t end up so great ever …

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Trannymals Go to Court (Frameline 2007)

by Abe Garland and Dylan Vade

A short film starring googly-eyed transgender genitalia (true!) going to court for their rights.

Trannymals Go To Court Opening No! Benjamin Is Transgender Tranny-Guy …

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