How They Met (2014)

by Heather Fell

directed by Tim Kulikowski

The soundtrack to a romantic silent movie short about love.


How They Met Title Halloween Dance Thought Bubble Heather Halloween Dance Ending …

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Beyond the Team (Frameline 2012)

by Tim Kulikowski

directed by Tim Kulikowski

A short video about the SF Spikes soccer team.

Beyond the Team Opening Joining The Team Reflective Soccer II Spikes Hopeful Beyond the Team …

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Night Session (48-Hour Film Festival 2009)

by Andrew Schlussel

directed by Andrew Schlussel

The soundtrack to a couples therapy session between a woman and her vampire husband.

Night Session Title A Positive Note Change Crosses! Rest Of …

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The Apple of My Ire (48 Hour Film Festival 2007)

by Karlana Pastraggi, Ian Walker, Jeff Bus, and Danielle Thys

directed by Jeff Bush

A short film that shows us that Snow White’s life didn’t end up so great ever …

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Strapped (2010)

by: Joseph Graham

Directed by: Joseph Graham

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