The Hairy Ape (Marin Theatre Company 2002)

by Eugene O’Neill

directed by Lee Sankowich

vocals by Lauren Grace and Aldo Billingslea

drums by Otto Huber

percussion by me

A naive coal-stoker learns about life beyond the ship …

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Mr. Schpill and Mr. Tippeton (Marin Theatre Company 2000)

by Gilles Segal

directed by Lee Sankowich

Two clowns try to survive a future controlled by some mysterious racists.


Mr. Schpill & Mr. Tippeton Opening Mr. Schpill’s Ring The Story …

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Mere Mortals (Marin Theatre Company 1999)

by David Ives

directed by Albert Takazaukas

sax by Damien Masterson

harmonica by Damien Masterson

vocal by Randy Hurst

Six short hilarious plays with musical interludes between scenes.

Foreplay Mere Mortals …

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Becket (Marin Theatre Company 1996)

by Jean Anouilh

directed by Lee Sankowich

lyrics by Jean Anouilh

dulcimer by Rob Carriger

vocals by Celia Shuman, Patty Wolfe, David Varner, Ken Stegmiller

Friends Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas┬áBecket …

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Strapped (2010)

by: Joseph Graham

Directed by: Joseph Graham

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