Night Session (48-Hour Film Festival 2009)

by Andrew Schlussel

directed by Andrew Schlussel

The soundtrack to a couples therapy session between a woman and her vampire husband.

Night Session Title A Positive Note Change Crosses! Rest Of …

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Lady of the ‘Loin (Exit Theatre 2009)

by Sean Owens

directed by Sean Owens

lyrics by Sean Owens

vocals by Shannon Day, Sean Owens, Amanda Ortmayer, and me

drums by Mark Macario

bass by Tom Edler

A …

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Meet the Campbells (If-Then Productions 2007)

by Sean Owens

directed by Sean Owens

A haunted house showing what horrible things happened to the Campbell Soup Twins.

Meet the Campbells Preshow Soup Kitchen Christening Party Storage Unit Joey’s …

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The Apple of My Ire (48 Hour Film Festival 2007)

by Karlana Pastraggi, Ian Walker, Jeff Bus, and Danielle Thys

directed by Jeff Bush

A short film that shows us that Snow White’s life didn’t end up so great ever …

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Past Perfect (Theatre Rhinoceros 2007)

by Nicky Silver

directed by John Dixon

Past Perfect Opening Betsy Reconsiders Philip Speaks Secret Places First Love Past Perfect Entr’acte Charlie & Seth Richard’s Wife Try To Sleep Philip …

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St. Rubidium’s Temple (SomArts Gallery 2001)

by Larry Ackerman

directed by Larry Ackerman

A sound and art installation with found sounds electronically manipulated.

Ether Alter Streaming

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PA Cooley Fitness Fantasia (Theatre Rhinoceros 2001)

by PA Cooley

directed by Allen Sawyer

The gym is this show’s theme.

Dating Opening Dating Close Elevator Opening Elevator Close Restaurant Opening Restaurant Closing PA Cooley Show Solo Closing

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PA Cooley Holiday Special (Theatre Rhinoceros 2002)

by PA Cooley

directed by Allen Sawyer

The Christmas show!

PA Cooley Show Theme Disco Home PA Cooley Theme Instrumental

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The Assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca (Queer Latino Arts Festival 2000)


by Luis Oropeza

directed by Amy Mueller

percussion by Bobby Wallace, Grillo

guitar by Grillo

vocals by Grillo

violin by Randy Weiss

A solo show starring Luis …

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The Glass Menagerie (Aurora Theatre 1999)

by Tennessee Williams

directed by Soren Oliver

handbells by me

The classic story of a damaged mother, a damaged daughter, and the son torn between helping and escaping.

Gentlemen Callers …

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