Lessons Learned (Dogpatch Records 2010)

produced by Bonnie Hayes

lyrics by me

guitar by Tal Morris, Bonnie Hayes, Erik Schramm, and Alex Karweit

bass by Dewayne Pate and Alex Karweit

drums by Kevin Hayes

percussion by John Santos and Bonnie Hayes

brass by Rich Armstrong

cello by Yair Evnine

vocals by Danielle Thys, Alex Karweit, Cathleen Riddley, and me

backup vocals by Annie Stocking, Danielle Thys, Cathleen Riddley, Bonnie Hayes, and Rich Armstrong

keyboards by Bonnie Hayes and me

Thirteen songs gathered from a Blue Bear songwriting workshop, led by Bonnie Hayes.

She’s A Raccoon
A Victorian In The Castro
Bad Attitude
Time To Clean House
Longer And Longer
Right As I’m Leaving
The Boy With The Crystal Clear Eyes
Not Supposed To Be Like This
Shiny Broken Toy
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