Be My Valentine (San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 1995)

by Carl Sandler

directed by Carl Sandler

A short film about young gay relationship fantasies.

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The Power of Positive Painting (1993)

by Matt Nikitas

directed by Matt Nikitas

Incidental music for his home improvement show.

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Learn About Letters (Brittanica 1991)

by Brittanica Software

directed by

A very early computer game for children with the Berenstain Bears. Hopefully it will be a retro thing someday.

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Greenbelt Alliance(1993)

directed by

Soundtrack for a promotional video for an environmental group, Greenbelt Alliance. (I did this ride for years!)

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Southwestern Medical School Senior Film (1983)

by The Seniors

directed by Tim Wolff

lyrics by Don Seaver, Kris Kelley

guitar by Brad

vocals by Mary Ellen Bluntzer, Julie Graves, Jan Elder, Jeff Hopkin, Greg Dunham, and …

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Trannymals Go to Court (2007)

by Dylan Vade and Abe Garland

A short film about transgender rights featuring googly-eyed genitalia. Yes.

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