Southern Lights (Phoenix Theatre II 2004)

by Lee Brady

directed by Emily Koch

lyrics by Julie Jackson and me

vocals by John Patrick Moore and me

guitar by Tom Miller

drums by Otto Huber

fiddle by …

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Gun-Shy (Phoenix Theatre 2001)

by Richard Dresser

directed by Kim Richards

lyrics by me (based on lines from the play)

vocals by Lauren Grace and me

guitar by Ray Ramillosa

bass by Carl Hooper

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Girlesque (Exit Theatre 2002)

by Sean Owens

directed by Libby Cox

lyrics by Sean Owens

bass by Tom Edler

guitar by Ray Ramillosa

drums by Otto Huber

sax by Damien Masterson

harmonica by Damien Masterson

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Old Man McGinty (2001)

by The Cast

directed by The Cast

lyrics by Sean Owens

vocals by Bekka Fink, Sean Owens, David Bicha, Isaac Brantner, P. A. Cooley, and Nick Sholley

Sketch comedy.

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All in the Timing (Marin Theater Company 1996)

by David Ives

directed by Albert Takazaukas

lyrics by David Ives, Don Seaver

sax and harmonica by Damien Masterson

vocals by Amy Dondy, Loretta Janca, Ken Stegmiller, David Varnum, and …

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Be My Valentine (San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 1995)

by Carl Sandler

directed by Carl Sandler

A short film about young gay relationship fantasies.

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The Power of Positive Painting (1993)

by Matt Nikitas

directed by Matt Nikitas

Incidental music for his home improvement show.

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A Live Woman in the Mines (First Unitarian Church, Berkeley 1992)


directed by

lyrics by Don Seaver, from the original letters.

vocals by Milissa Carey, David Bicha, Bekka Fink

A Gold Rush melodrama turned into a musical.

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The Tempest (San Francisco Shakespeare Festival 1991)

by William Shakespeare

directed by Albert Takazaukas

lyrics by William Shakespeare

vocals by Ken Stegmiller, Patty Wolfe, Loretta Janca, David  Varnum, and Paul Sugars

In Golden Gate Park, with Sydney …

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Learn About Letters (Brittanica 1991)

by Brittanica Software

directed by Perry Boyle/ Larry Van Cantfort

A very early computer game for children with the Berenstain Bears. Hopefully it will be a retro thing someday.

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