Gun-Shy (Phoenix Theatre 2001)

by Richard Dresser

directed by Kim Richards

lyrics by me (based on lines from the play)

vocals by Lauren Grace and me

guitar by Ray Ramillosa

bass by Carl Hooper

drums by Otto Huber

tenor sax by Damien Masterson

harmonica by Damien Masterson

violin by Randy Weiss

Two couples duel with each others’ exes in this comedy. The songs were between scenes and took the punchline from each scene.

Gun-Shy Opening
You Don’t Know What Pain Is
Let’s Sneak Around
Ramon’s Massage
In His Eyes
More Than Cheating
Shooting Blanks
Paralyzed By Existential Despair
Time To Move
My Point-Of-View
My Soldiers
My Main Course
A Real Family
It’s All Over
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