King Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 (2000 San Francisco Shakespeare Festival)

by William Shakespeare

directed by Albert Takazaukas and Hector Correa

lyrics by William Shakespeare

vocals by Donald Leighton and me

guitar by Ben Privitt

drum machine, reed organ, tambourine, and synthesizer by me.

An outdoor show about English royal intrigue in one of Shakespeare’s historical dramas.

King Henry IV Fanfare Part I
King Henry IV
Boar’s- Head Tavern
The Palace
Rochester Inn

King Henry IV Intermission
King Henry IV Fanfare II
Coventry Road
Rebel Camp
Blunt Fanfare
Royal Fanfare
Royal Camp
Mortimer Fanfare
Rebel Fanfare
The Battle Of The Roses

The Archbishop’s Palace
Warkworth Castle
Boars-Head Tavern II
Doll & Falstaff
Westminster At One AM
Gaultree Forest
Westmoreland Fanfare
Gaultree Fanfare
Gaultree Retreat
Jerusalem Chamber
Henry IV Dies
Westminster Palace
Coronation Day
King Henry V
Falstaff Finale
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