Spring Storm (Marin Theatre Company 1999)

by Tennessee Williams

direct by Lee Sankowich

tenor sax by Damien Masterson

soprano sax by Peter MacDonough

flute by Mitch Marcus

clarinet by Mitch Marcus

violin by Randy Weiss

bass by Sascha Jacobsen

drums by Terry Waterman

vocals by Karen Hall, Patty Wolfe, Kevin Cole, and me

The world premiere of his lost and very early play.

Spring Storm Opening
Evening Hymn (arr. Seaver)
Hertha’s Curse
Critchfield Parlor
Village Rhymester
Heavenly Walks Downstairs
Big Palooka!
Lila’s Radio Tune
Esmeralda Cries
Speaking Terms
Lawn Party

White Organdy
First Lightnin’ Bug
Pink Lady Waltz
Susan’s Favorite Piece
Arthur’s Waltz
She’s Gone
The Front Porch
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