Don Seaver

Wilder, Wilder, Wilder (Marin Theatre Company 1994)

by Thornton Wilder

directed by Albert Takazaukas

Three short plays about a car ride, a Christmas dinner, and a train ride, two of which end in death.

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The Battle of Midway: Live! Onstage! (Theatre Rhinoceros 2014)

by John Fisher

directed bu John Fisher

vocals by Donald Currie, Justin Lucas,

The Battle of Midway as a musical comedy. Yes, indeed, with live piano accompaniment and underscoring.

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Breeches of Etiquette (Stage Werx 2013)

by Sean Owens

directed by Sean Owens

lyrics by Sean Owens

vocals by Amanda Ortmayer, Mikka Bonel, Sean Owens, Ned Brauer

Part III of “Odd By Nature,” but with more songs!

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Playground (Playground 2012/2013)

by Jordan Puckett, Ignacio Zulueta, Garret Groenveld, Diane Sampson, and Tracy Potter

directed by Rebecca Ennals, Jessica Heidt, Tom Bruett, Tracy Ward, Jennifer King, and Jon Tracy

vocals by Rebecca Pingree, …

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Carmen and Bill’s Wedding (Cowell Theatre 2006)

by Carmen Sosa and Bill Fraser

Grito by Norm Aleks

Yes, a wedding soundtrack!


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The God of Hell (Magic Theatre 2006)

by Sam Shepard

directed by Amy Glazer

lyrics by me

guitar by Alex Karweit

vocal by me and Rachel Owsley

A frightening reaction to the Bush/Cheney era, with a fugitive  scientist and …

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Titus Andronicus (Thrillpeddlers 2006)

by William Shakespeare

directed by Russell Blackwood

Lyrics by William Shakespeare

played on the 1820-era reed organ, piano

trumpet by Victor Ballestreros

vocals by David Bicha, Mary Knoll, Treacy Corrigan, …

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On the Sixes (Exit Theatre 2006)

by Sean Owens

directed by Sean Owens

lyrics by Sean Owens

drums by Otto Huber

bass by Tom Edler

guitar by Alex Merchant

vocals by Beth Wilmurt, Patty Wolfe, Alison …

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Odd By Nature ( Exit Theatre 2006 )

by Sean Owens

directed by Sean Owens

lyrics by Sean Owens

ukulele by Josh Pollack

sax, harmonica by Damien Masterson

violin by Randy Weiss

clarinet by Chris Broderick

vocals by …

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Staircase (Theatre Rhinoceros 2007)

by Charles Dyer

directed by John Fisher

Two hairdressers in ‘60s London snipe and bitch, trying to hide their fear and shame.


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